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The following is a list of the best organizations to donate a car in NY. We focused on providing a list of charities that no only accept vehicle donations, but also support programs that benefit NY and NYC.

Did you know? non-profits that sell your vehicle to support their programs might provide you with a lesser tax deduction than those that use the vehicle to fulfill their mission.

The IRS law states that, $500 or the price at which was sold your vehicle, whichever amount is greater, may be deducted from your tax statements.

5. American Red Cross in Greater New York

Make a meaningful impact in NY by donating your vehicle to the car donation program of the American Red Cross. Your support will contribute with the prevention and human treatment during emergencies and may help save lives.

Visit the following link to donate a car in NY to the Red Cross

4. Goodwill NY

To contribute to humanitarian causes, through an organization that already has a very recognizable name and reputation in the industry, one may donate cars in NY through Goodwill. They offer towing at no cost and accept vehicles in any condition.

Consider the fact that the management and selling process of the donated cars is not done by Goodwill, this organization partnered with National Charity Services to make this program possible.

Therefore, for more information, please call National Charity Services at 866-492-2770 to arrange your car donation in NY and contribute to the Goodwill programs.

You may also visit the website of Goodwill to fill their online donation form to initiate the pick-up process. Have your clear title of your car ready with you. After the sale of your vehicle, you will receive your information regarding your claimable tax deduction.

Wheels for Wishes contributes with kids in NYC

3. Wheels for Wishes

Through Wheels for Wishes, car donations in NYC can have a positive impact on kids from areas such as the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan.

Call them at 1-855-831-9474

Visit the website for more information.

2. Long Island Cares

Donate Cars in NY to Long Island Cares and reduce hunger in the US

You may not know, but your vehicle might also contribute with one of the most important human needs: food. Help New York citizens that are having a hard time going through hunger with one of the most reputable charities in NY: Long Island Cares, providers of emergency food. They claim to feed 283,000 citizens of Long Island, NY every year. Cars, trucks and RVs, running or not; are all accepted vehicles in their car donation program which is managed by Donation Processors of America (DPA), not by the charity itself. Despite this, the program will provide you with everything you need to claim your tax deduction.

Donate a car in NY to this charity by calling: 877-872-2127

Remember to visit the website of Long Island Cares for more information on their organization and other ways you can contribute.

1. Charity Cars

Remember that most of the car donation programs will sell your vehicle at auction to obtain money to make a positive impact; but how much money will go to the cause you want to contribute to? The truth is most charities pay middlemen to manage the selling of the vehicles they collect. But obviously, you as a donor want to benefit the most, the cause you are most concerned with – and maybe at the same time obtain a worthy tax deduction.

Charity Cars, is a registered 501(C)(3) non-profit that has received the recognition from reputable figures such as Oprah and is one of the best places for car donations in NY, to make a positive impact in its fullest extent and to obtain the best tax deduction possible.

Donating cars in NYC for struggling families

They connect donors such as you, with families across the United States that are currently struggling, such as victims of natural disasters, and need a vehicle for their transportation and to overcome their actual problems.

So this organization removes the middlemen to provide the most benefits for the families in need, what about the benefits regarding tax deductions for the donor?

If your vehicle is donated to, and used by, a struggling family, such as with Charity Cars, you can claim a tax deduction of the full fair market value of the vehicle, according to rules by the IRS. A lot less can be claimed if your car is sold by the non-profit. Use resources such as the website of Kelly Blue Books to know the fair market value of the car you are donating in NY.

Charity Cars even offers their current audited financial statements in their website, a huge plus for any wise philanthropist. For these reasons, this organization tops our list of the best non-profits to make a car donation in NY.

So if you want to donate a car in NY, call Charity Cars at 1-800-CHARITY which stands for 1-800-242-7489 or visit their website here.

They cover the cost of the towing everywhere in the US and accept running or not running cars. Please note that they require a clear title.

Thanks for your contribution, which will help New Yorkers and other Americans improve their lives.

The next step, after selecting your charity, is to learn about tax deductions and how to claim them. Read on the rest of our articles to learn about this important subject for philanthropists, and to become a wiser one.

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