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Nonprofits organizations represent the idea that a better world is still possible, that people in need or at risk are not alone. People’s awareness about others’ pain and suffering is proof that human beings care about each other. Make a positive change by reading this article and discovering the best charities located in Denver, Colorado – USA, that can also accept a car donation.

6. A3: empowering people with vision loss

A3 is a nonprofit organization aimed to help people who have lost vision. With its motto “you are not alone”, this organization supports, educates and trains these people so they can be as independent as possible. The values, from which this foundation is driven by, are:

-Adapt: being impaired or blind does not always mean difficulty. With the precise help, the clients attending this organization get used to their new situation.

– Adjust: people never know when their lives can change, so A3 trains their clients to adjust them to a new ways of performing actions.

– Achieve: A3 does not want their clients to be dependent from someone. Thus, they train and educate their clients to achieve independence.

A3 accomplishes the values mentioned above through holistic, personalized and evidence –based services and programs such as Sight for seniors and Vision Link in which volunteers provide tools and knowledge as well as regular home visits so their clients can overcome obstacles and live a normal life.

A3 was formed in 1978 and its main aim was to help people visually impaired and blind. After years of success, in 2005, A3 was able to set professional offices and hire personnel as well as to create a program staff that would be help them accomplish their mission of helping blind people. In 2015, A3 decided to change their name for American Council of the Blind of Colorado that fit best what they offer.

Donations help this organization support the ones in need. If people wish to donate, they can go to the web page and click and choose what and how they want to donate. Moreover, if they want to be volunteers, they can fill an application and apply for this beautiful job. For more information the following number and email at a disposal:

Phone: (303) 831 – 0117


5. Alzheimer’s Association

The Colorado chapter as many others organizations across the United Stated was created to fight Alzheimer. Its vision is a world free of Alzheimer and its mission is to implement advanced research in order to eliminate this illness, to provide help and care for the sick people and their families as well as to reduce the risk of dementia.

For 25 years, The Colorado Chapter has been fighting a battle against Alzheimer which they do not want lose. For that reason their members work hard every day providing information, educating a supporting people in order to create an atmosphere of awareness about this mental illness. So far 65,000 people with Alzheimer in Colorado have received help.

Since The Colorado Chapter is a nonprofit organization, programs and services are provided thanks to the contribution and help from companies, corporations and individuals.

The Colorado Chapter help arrives in every county of Colorado and serves residents in places such as: Alamosa, Baca, Cheyenne, Pueblo, and Río Grande, among others through programs and services such as:

– Caregiver center: an online guide that helps individuals and family find the right option when it comes to care options

– Library services: provide a large variety of research and reference services

– 24 hour-line: people can call any day at any time for reliable information and support.

As part of its awareness campaign, The Colorado Chapter offers courses and workshops. Dates, venues and topics are found on On the other hand, on section Donate, there are several options people can choose if they are willing to contribute to the cause.

4. Art from Ashes

Art from Ashes has been working for the youth at risk since 2003. Since the moment of its creation this organization has provided creative empowerment workshops and created a transforming connection among the poorest communities. Catherine O’Neill, founder and executive director, has been to schools, jails, treatment center to conduct poetry and spoken word workshops. She also has developed a curriculum called Phoenix rising which main aim is to empower youth at risk and make them express their creativity. Another programs is Drawing on Air that helps individuals to reveal the power of expression through visual metaphors. Visual expression can be a mean to express struggles which in turn develops positive perceptions. Finally other of the several programs that Art from Ashes offer is Adult Workshops where poetry is the mean used by participants to express themselves. Words and creativity are helpful and useful when it comes to life transformation. Words are more powerful than a sword and that is why words and the way we say them can create or destroy, love or hate.

In 2015, Art from Ashes was able to contact 3,000 people and facilitated 391 workshops which mean that the figures increase 80% compared to the 2014 rate. These kinds of results would not be possible without the help from donors and volunteer that decided to take part in this cause.

Those people who are willing to help and contribute can go to the web page, click on Donate and choose the way to donate they find most comfortable and helpful. Moreover, if someone wants to become a volunteer, on the Support section can find how and what is needed to be collaborate.

3. Conservation Colorado

Conservation Colorado is an organization dedicated to the protection of Colorado’s environment including mountains, open vistas and rushing rivers, and to improve people’s quality of life. The organization achieves its goals not only by mobilizing people but also by electing conservation-minded policymakers.

This organization has worked hand in hand with communities for over 50 years to ensure the protection of the state’s environment. Conservation Colorado has accomplished its purpose ensuring that humans do not interfere in more than three million acres of wilderness, passing more than 130 conservation bills at the state legislature, and working to minimize impacts from oil and gas, among other actions.

Fighting against pollution is not an easy task, for that reason Conservation Colorado works at the front lines to protect the land, water, air and people across the state. The organization has implemented different programs and campaigns to move forward on the most important issues related with Colorado’s natural heritage.

People’s contribution is a key aspect required to fulfill the mission of Conservation Colorado. There are many different ways to support this organization and one of them is making a car donation. People can donate their old vehicle to Conservation Colorado in a convenient and easy way. This kind of contribution reports benefits for both parts because while it is a big help for the organization, donors also qualify for a tax deduction. For making possible this donation, the only thing you need to do is complete a simple online form in or call at 1-866-628-2277.

2. Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC)

Being warm and safe in our own homes is essential, but there are a lot of people that cannot pay for that. For that reason Energy Outreach Colorado exists. This is a non-profit organization in charge of raising funds to provide home energy assistance to low-income people in the state of Colorado.

The organization was founded in 1989 and since that moment until now Energy Outreach Colorado has raised more than $191 million for energy assistance. Based on federal income guidelines, 1 out of 5 people in the state are eligible for energy assistance and the worst part of this is that these figures continue to rise. The situation is so serious that many low-income families have to choose between paying for food or paying their utility bill.

The aim of Energy Outreach Colorado is to aid low-income families and seniors to pay their heating bills in order to help them to remain warm and safe in their homes. This organization also helps non-profit and affordable housing facilities to save energy and to reduce costs. Energy Outreach Colorado accomplishes this mission through its different family assistance programs as Heating bill assistance, Home weatherization, Emergency home furnace repair and even through giving some energy tips.

EOC raises funds thanks to the contribution of many corporations, foundations and even individual donors. People need our help and we can make a real change supporting the programs of this organization. There are different ways to make a donation, and besides money, you can also donate resources like cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, motorcycles, campers, boats, tractors and more. If you want to make this kind of donation you just need to complete an online donation form in or call at 1-800-506-0172.

1. The Denver Foundation

The Denver Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspire people and mobilize resources to enhance quality of life in the state communities. The funds this organization collect are invested in supporting various community foundations as many individual projects. The main goal of the Denver Foundation is to offer the possibility of having a high quality of life.

This foundation, established in 1925, has three primary functions. One of them has to do with the funds received from donors, which are invested in other non-profit organizations through grants. Another function of this organization is to manage and administer personalized funds for families, individuals, businesses and other charitable organizations. And the third function is related with community and philanthropic leaders hand in hand work.

Donations are very important for every non-profit organization in order to continue with its charitable work. For that reason the Denver Foundation offers different ways of making contributions and one of them is vehicle donation. Vehicles for Charity is a program that was founded with the purpose of providing a win-win situation for both parts: donors and foundations. So, if you are interested in making a car donation, you just need to go to and complete the information required.

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