These are the most reputable charities that you can trust for a car donation in the United States. We compiled this list of trustworthy organizations according to the following criteria, aspects that you should always consider when looking for reliable car donation charities:

What makes a car donation charity reputable?

  • Financial Transparency. According to Publication 4303 by the IRS, when requested, a charity must show important documents related to their financial activities such as its IRS letter that makes it a tax-exempt organization and its annual information returns or Forms 990, that are the most recent.
  • The organization should help you know where the money of your donated car is going, what percentage is actually being used to support the cause.
  • The charity is part of the publicly available IRS online databases, now called Exempt Organizations Select Check, which you can visit here: A way of confirming that a car donation charity has fulfilled its legal requirements in the United States.
  • The organization has positive feedback and reviews from trustworthy sources.
  • Years of experience in the industry.

The charities presented in this article are 501(c)(3) organizations; therefore, a donor can receive a tax deduction through his or her contribution. For more information check our article: If I Donate a Car is it Tax Deductible?

4. Cars for Kids by Texas Can! Academies

Since 1992, Cars for Kids receives vehicle donations to support Texas Can! Academies.

Texas Can! is a licensed High School that provides education for kids from grades 9 to 12.

One of the key aspects of this 501(c)(3) car donation charity is that they operate their own auctions, so no money is wasted in middlemen fees, and all the proceeds from their auctions can directly benefit their key programs. Their program works in all 50 States.

The interested donor can also participate in their auctions to get a vehicle at a great price and support their programs aiming for better education for kids in Texas.

They also offer a consignment program for those interested in selling their cars, where they sell them for a fee, which eliminates any effort you could encounter trying to sell it by your own.

Through their website, this organization discloses their annual reports and other related documents.

Their years of experience and transparency make it one of the most reputable car donation charities in the United States.

Please note that this car donation program is not related with the Kars4Kids charity.

Contact Information:

Call them at 866-835-5437


How to contribute: Visit here their online form to donate your vehicle.

3. Keep America Beautiful

Keep America Beautiful contributes to recycling in the US

More than 60 years of experience in the United States make Keep America Beautiful a reputable charity to consider when donating a car.

The mission of this organization is to create cleaner communities in the US.

This environmentally conscious nonprofit provides education for the public in areas such as recycling. Additionally, it organizes activities that contribute to its mission; activities that, for example, eliminate littering in the US.

Their financial documents, from the year of 2009 and beyond, are publicly available on their website. The nonprofit, also makes it possible to contact its Finance Director for more details about how their contributions are managed.

That kind of transparency, its many years of experience and its positive reviews from reliable figures such as Guidestar and Charity Navigator, make this charity a very trustworthy organization for a car donation. All this information is available online on their website.

Contact information:

Call them at 855.426.2474


How to contribute: Fill the online form of Keep America Beautiful, to arrange the pick-up of your vehicle.

2. Charity Cars

The mission of this car donation charity is to improve the lives of struggling families in the United States that have been seriously affected by: domestic violence, natural disasters, and/or other conditions.

Family contribution through a reputable nonprofit

How they improve their lives? They connect noble donors willing to contribute with their car, and these families that with medium of transportation will be able to overcome most of their present problems and reduce their present difficulties.

Charity Cars has received positive reviews not only from sites such as and Charity Navigator, but also recognition from other notable figures such as Oprah and many more.

These factors, as well as the disclosing of their financial statements on their website make it one of the most reputable car donation charities in the US.

Contact information:

Call them at 1.800.242.7489


How to contribute: Fill their online donation form

1. Volunteers of America

Respect and trust are built upon years of experience. When you choose to contribute to Volunteers of America, you are trusting more than 115 years of experience, which this organization has accumulated since its creation in 1896.

Reputable vehicle donation charities for homeless people

Their impact in the United States is huge. These are some of their numbers:

  • They serve 1 million meals for the hungry per year
  • 10,000 veterans without a home are provided with shelter and preparation for jobs. For more about veterans read our article: The 7 Best Charities to Donate a Car to Veterans
  • About 50,000 volunteers support their programs
  • We highly recommend the interested to visit their website for more information about their very diverse programs.

But overall, their programs support basic needs such as housing, food, and more. They benefit people in emergency situations, veterans, seniors, children, and others that are the most vulnerable.

Volunteers of America developed as its medium to receive car donations. What we like the most of this car donation program:

  • Their website makes it possible for donors to contribute locally, to benefit the community they are more concerned on.
  • For every 1 dollar received, 88 cents benefit people in need
  • The donation of your car goes directly to Volunteers of America, no middleman included
  • A 501(c)(3) charity, therefore you can be eligible to receive a tax deduction

Other reasons why we consider this as one of the most reputable car donation charities:

  • They are open and not secretive with their financials, which can be found here.
  • Their transparency is also supported by their GuideStar Exchange Seal
  • Their operations have been rated by reputable figures in the industry. Read their reviews from Better Business Bureau and GuideStar

Contact information:

Call them at 877.721.4862


How to contribute: Filling their vehicle donation form on their website.

→ Now that you found an organization you can trust, you can learn about other aspects such as tax deductions. Keep reading and visit our categories for more.

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