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The city of Sacramento in the state of California is one of the largest cities in that state. Even though there are diverse social problems in the city, we can help. Continue reading for a description of some of the most known non-profit organizations located in Sacramento, California, that make a positive impact in the city in areas such as: education, health, politics, and more. Consider these charities to support the city of Sacramento through a car donation.

7. Sacramento Sheriff‘s Toy Project

The Sheriff’s Toy Project started in 1984 with the view of contributing with the inmates from overcrowded jails. The initial idea was to help them to serve their sentence by repairing donated bicycles as well as making and repairing some toys made of wood. Once the toys were finished, they were given to people from the poorest communities. In 2012 the project officially became a non-profit organization.

Nowadays, The Sheriff’s Project continues based on the same principles that were thought when it was launched. Its member helps those ones in need but this time through different and innovative ways. Now, a team formed by Offenders, law enforcements officers and community volunteers join forces to make toys such as rocking horses, rocking motorcycles and build dollhouses. And not only that, they also renovate bicycles and make them look like new ones.

The volunteers never stop helping. They work hard along the year, especially in the winter, distributing items to people and non -profit organization that need them most.

The Sheriff’s project has donated so far:

840 bikes

480 computers

29,248 toys

And 7,728 kids and 4,046 families have received the help from the Sacramento Sheriff’s Toy Project.

People who want to be part of this project can get involved by donating some money or even make a car donation a car throughout the web page at the Donate section and for more information can call at (916) 361-4571.

6. League of Women Voters of California

The League of Women Voters of California General Fund is a non-profit organization thus it does not endorse or oppose candidates or political parties. Its members work on the achievement of solutions regarding community issues at the state level, enhance citizen participation and also engage communities in encouraging solutions to public policy issues through means such as education and advocacy.

This league was formed in 1920 as a movement that encouraged the women’s right to vote as established in the 19th amendment of the Constitution and helped 20 million women internalize their new rights and duties as voters. Carrie Chapman Catt has been known as the leader of this movement and stated that women had also the power, by voting, to improve the general welfare of the people.

This movement strongly believes in representative governments and individual liberties as stated in the Constitution, in a democracy depending on active and participative citizens, and in the economy growth when competent people are in charge, among others.

If you want to contribute with money or donate your car in Sacramento to this organization, you can do it at the web page by clicking on Give section. Other way to help is purchasing items from the fund store. Moreover, if people want to get in contact with the leaders of this movement they can do it through the following phone numbers and addresses:

Phone numbers: (888) 870-VOTE (8683) or (916) 442-7215 (916) 442-7215

League of Women Voters of California,
1107 Ninth Street, Suite 300
Sacramento, CA 95814-3608

5. Keaton Raphael Memorial

Keaton Raphael Memorial is a fund dedicated to help children suffering from cancer and their families by giving them not only medical support but also psychological and financial help. It is widely known that when someone is diagnosed with cancer his or her life changes completely, especially when that person is a kid. Sometimes the parents of the sick child lose their job, visits to the hospital increases and new daily routines are adopted. The situations mentioned before are the main reasons either sick children parents or relatives get stressed. When tough time comes in, Keaton Raphael Memorial appears to provide and take care of people by helping financially and economically. The fund has several programs created for every need that help the children and the families face the cancer and its consequences. ‘Hope Chest’ is one the common programs. It offers educational resources and financial support for all the members of the family who are as anxious and nervous as the children with cancer. This foundation serves several institutions such as Children Hospital Oakland, US Davids Comprehensive Cancer Center among others.

This non-profit organization started in 1997 when Keaton, Robyn and Kyle Rapahel’s son was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. As a family, Kyle, Robyn and Keaton himself did everything they could to fight the cancer. Unfortunately, they lost the battle. So in memorial of their son, they created this organization in order to make people aware that giving up is never an option.

People can get involved in this cause by donating at the web page at the Donate section or by following the fund on their different social networks found on the web page. You can also contribute to this organization in Sacramento with a car donation.

4. Courageous Connection

Courageous Connection is an organization located in Elk which does not pursuit any profit. Its main purpose is to emancipate and improve the life of young people in foster. The will to help of this organization is growing and looking for youth in need to be helped.

Courageous Connection started in 2007. Its founders Dr. Hasan Abdulmalik and Mike Jones were members of the Sacramento County to represent at the Breakthrough Series Collaborative, BSC which was a project aiming to change the current programs for foster youth with the help from Sacramento County and the State of California. In 2008 the pilot plan was put in motion on a single school campus in Sacramento. The founders and their team developed better programs for youth in foster care, learned the needs and what was missing in the programs that have been developed at that time. From the very beginning, the founders have in mind what they wanted to do. A proof of that was the status of 501C3 nonprofit organization given in 2011. Moreover, in 2013 was held for the first time the first annual Kick Off to National Foster Care Month where all the work done was recognized by the Major and City Counsel of Elk who also promised more support for the foster youth.

One of the most important programs this organization has is the Bike shop, where the young people in youth care refurbish bicycles so that they can have better incomes. Another one is a store where youth can go to buy the essential items at low prices. Since Courageous Connection is a nonprofit organization, help from other people is necessary as well. Thus people who want to donate money or bikes can contact the founder and other members through the web site or follow the organization on its social networks.

3. The Hemophilia Council of California

The Hemophilia Council of California was born when four organizations devoted to helping people suffering from Hemophilia decided to join forces in the 1970s. In 1989 it was recognized as a nonprofit organization. This Hemophilia Council started the coordination of its advocacy agenda to raise more unified voices that stand up for those ones with bleeding disorders living in California.

The Hemophilia Council of California has been working for 26 years and still keeps its mission to share access to advanced and qualified care for people with these kinds of disorders through means such as advocacy, education and collaboration from other organizations.

Every year, at the Future Leaders day, young people suffering from bleeding disorders meet and travel from California to Sacramento to spread different pieces of knowledge about how to face this situation. The topics go from how state government works for the support for these organizations to how to tell the experiences and what careers young people should take. All the expenses are covered by the organization. For more information, people can call at (916) 498-3780 or visit There is also a useful Pharmacy forum that allows communication among consumers about what drugs and health care they might be provided. For more information about this forum is recommended to check the web page where the dates of this kind of event are posted and updated.

People can get involved in this organization by donating at the section Invest in our community found at the right top of the web page as well as by following the Hemophilia Council of California on its social networks.

2. Chick in Crisis

Chicks in Crisis is a nonprofit organization in Elk California that offers adoption, parenting and educational services. From the very moment of its creation this organization has found home for 30 babies a year not only in California but across The United States. Moreover, parents also receive support when they decide to keep the baby with them. Chick in Crisis has helped to decrease the number of abandoned babies, foster care and even death.

Chick in Crisis programs represent an opportunity to learn more about parenting, nutrition and cooking and some other topics that are good to know when a new little person arrives in our lives.

Chick in Crisis was born 17 years ago, when Inez, its founder decided to something to decrease the figures of abandoned children. The organization can be found wherever their help is needed such as hospitals, jails, schools, among others.

If people wish to help, they can donate a car, or contribute with some of the items needed that can be found on the site at Donate sections.

For more information, the following numbers and addresses is at your disposal as well as their social networks: (916) 730-6391 and (916)441-1243

Chicks In Crisis is located at:

The Ranch
9455 East Stockton Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95624

1. Boys and Girls Club El Dorado County Western Slope

The nonprofit organization Boys and Girls Club was formed in 1955 when a group of people concerned about the need of young people of the Dorado county decided to look for a program where the need of the youth were fulfilled. The Boys and Girls Club was the program which suit best what those people were looking for. This organization has been serving and helping people for 140 years and approximately 4,000 clubs have been provided with programs and life experiences for over 4 million kids. Counties where Boys and Girls Club has been established have evidence the decrease of school dropouts, crime rates and less gang and drugs involvements.

The main mission of this club is to make the young people in need internalize that they are valuable and thus they can be potential, productive, responsible and caring citizens. The Boys and Girls Club catalyzes the process of transformation into a new America in which the civic spirit is the one that existed at the foundation of America.

Boys and Girls Club has several programs such as Academic success, Good Character and Citizenship and Healthy Lifestyles, all of them are aimed to improve the lives of the children so they can be women and men of good which will help turn America into a better nation.

People can contribute by donating at the web page at Donate section. More information about employment, voluntary work and membership is found at Contact Us section.

Remember that you can find in our website more charities to contribute to in California, visit our articles regarding other cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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