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In the United States there are hundreds of foundations committed to create a better world for people in need. In this article we are going to present the top car donation charities in the city of Los Angeles, California, in order to inform people about their work as organizations – and for those donors that are considering a car donation in Los Angeles. These foundations are always open to every kind of collaboration from the community, and with this work we hope to make people conscious and encourage them to make a donation.

7. Extraordinary Families

Extraordinary Families Extraordinary Families is an organization born in 2014 from the merger of two non-profits foundations: the Southern California Foster Family and Adoption Agency (SCFFAA) and the Child Welfare Initiative (CWI). Both organizations shared the same vision of improving the lives of children affected by the child welfare system. This organization is both a foster care and adoption agency, and also a children’s policy organization. As a provider of services to foster children, Extraordinary Families is dedicated to recruit, train, and support high-quality foster and adoptive homes for children who have been removed from their own families for abuse and neglect.

Likewise, Extraordinary Families implements policy and practice reforms in the child welfare system in order to change the way our community manage problems related with families. The mission of this organization is to find homes and provide support for those foster children.

Despite being a foundation relatively new, Extraordinary Families has achieved positive results. According to data provided by the organization, it has supported 160 children through its certified foster family, has consolidated 50 adoptions in 2015, and has connected to employment opportunities at least 310 young people last year.

Extraordinary Families, as any other non-profit foundation, needs the help of the community to continue with its work.For that reason, the organization accepts all kinds of contributions including money through Paypal or directly with a personal or business check, or with a credit card; and resources like computers, office equipment, toys, clothes, passes to theme parks, sporting or cultural events, among many others like car donations.

6. Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA)

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles is a foundation responsible for providing civil legal services to poor and low-income people in different communities in Los Angeles County. The main goal of this organization is to achieve equal justice for poor people. With their representation, LAFLA’s attorneys try to change people’s lives.

LAFLA was created in 1929 and since that moment until now, it has helped million people providing direct representation, offering counsel and advice, and giving workshops and seminars to educate the community about their legal rights. After all these years, nowadays the organization has five neighborhood offices, four Self-Help Legal Access Centers, and three Domestic Violence Clinics.

The work of Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles is to protect human and civil rights;

support families; preserve quality and affordable housing; maintain economic stability; promote safety, security, and health; and finally serve populations with special needs. As reported by the web of the foundation, in 2014 LAFLA assisted nearly 80,000 low-income people and provided education and important legal information to over 55,000 self-represented litigants.

Donations are highly important to every organization, and LAFLA is not the exception. To continue supporting people who cannot pay for civil legal services, this organization accepts different types of contributions including car donations. People who want to donate their vehicle can do it in an easy way. For doing a contribution, donors have to fill in a form and submit the donation. For additional information, people can call 855-500-RIDE (855-500-7433).

5. Inland Empire Lighthouse for the Blind

People who are visually impaired usually have problems to carry on a normal life. That is exactly what Inland Empire Lighthouse for the Blind wants to change. This organization, created in 1951, is a private non-profit corporation where blind adults and children can receive training to prepare themselves to go back to the street. The idea is that these people can overcome their condition, so they can have a full and normal life.

This organization is similar to a school were people with visual impairment receive classes, instructions, materials, meals, transportation and referral services. The program in the Lighthouse is divided into two terms: the first one that begins in the middle of September and the second one that begins in the middle of June.

The services in this organization have no charge to the totally and legally blind and they do not receive funds from the Federal, County, City, State, or from United Way. Owing to its primary means of support comes from fundraising, Wills, and Trusts, the Inland Empire Lighthouse for the Blind invites people to make donations to the organization. People can make contributions via email filling in a donation form accompanied by a check or money, or by phone calling 909-884-3121.

4. Goodwill Southern California

People’s lives can be transformed through the power of work, which is the mission of Goodwill Southern California, an organization that helps individuals with disabilities and disadvantages by providing work experience, training, education, and job placement services. The work of this foundation is possible thanks to donations of unwanted items.

What this organization does is to reduce, reuse and recycle. It receives more than 2.3 million donations of all kinds of goods, which are resold to fund training and job placement. Today, Goodwill Southern California runs 80 retail stores, 44 attended donation centers, five Career Resource Centers, three Work Source Centers, and three campuses.

This foundation generates a profound ripple effect that benefits the entire local economy. Thanks to the job programs of Goodwill Southern California, it has been possible to reduce unemployment, poverty, and crime in many communities of the area. The stores manage by the foundation employ 20-30 people from the surrounding communities, improving these people’s lives.

Making vehicle donations is also possible in this foundation. People who want to make this kind of contribution just need to contact Goodwill Southern California through the telephone number 800.898.8285. Donors only need to have the title in hand. For additional information about car donations for this organization in Los Angeles, people can visit the website

3. Create Now

For helping people it is necessary to change their vision of the world. That is exactly the main goal of Create Now, a non-profit organization that envisions a world where young people are able to experience creative self-expression through the arts. The mission of this foundation is to give young people the right opportunities to find their vocation through education and creative arts mentoring.

This foundation programs are focus in the needs of the youth. Create Now recruits and trains volunteer mentors and professional teaching artists for taking care of the students. The organization focuses in seven main areas, which are Visual Arts, Literary Arts, Music, Digital Media, Cultural Journeys, Performing Arts, and Fashion Design.

According to data provided by the web of this foundation, in Los Angeles 26.7% of children live in poverty, and the city has the highest juvenile incarceration rate in the United States. For these and other reasons, the programs of Create Now are dedicated to provide necessary opportunities for the most troubled youth.

Create Now offers different options for people who want to make donations to the organization. As other foundations, Create Now has a vehicle donation program. So, if you have any type of vehicle and you want to donate it, you can do it online. The service is provided by V-DAC at and you can call (877) 999-8322. People just need to fill in a form for the contribution and later they will contact by the company.

All of these organizations make a great work and show us that always It’s better to give than to receive. Remember that any help is welcome, so we can contribute even in a small way. Your donation can change people’s lives. For that reason, we invite you to contribute with any of these foundations.

2. Youth Mentoring

Youth Mentoring is an organization dedicated to connecting youth with mentors for helping them in the process of growing. This organization, founded in 2001, focuses its work in two main aspects: initiation and mentoring. Young people do not need to be fixed, they just need to be guided, and that is the job of mentors.

This foundation has many programs to support its work with young people. One of the most important programs is called Worksite Mentoring, which is related with employee engagement. In this program, boys and girls who are part of the organization are transported to some worksites to participate in life-skills workshops with employees who have been trained as mentors.

The mission of Youth Mentoring is -in some way- changing the lives of youth through a new vision of the world. With this different approach, the organization has achieved to help over 450 youth in the Los Angeles area every year. Youth Mentoring has changed lives and transformed communities.

If we want to transform young people into responsible adults is important to support their education. Youth Mentoring assures that donations can truly help to change lives, for that reason it offers different ways to contribute. It is possible to make a contribution to this organization through its website. People just need to set up the amount and frequency, and finally fill in a form with the required data. For more information about donations, people can write to this email contact:

1. United Way Greater Los Angeles (UWGLA)

The United Way Greater Los Angeles is a non-profit organization that was born to fight against poverty. Nowadays, most of the problems people face up in our communities have to do with poverty, for that reason the UWGLA’s purpose is to break the cycle of poverty to end the problem at its roots.

This organization, created in 1964, focuses its work in three areas: education, financial stability, and housing and healthcare. According to UWGLA web, in L.A. County only 71% of students graduate from school, so the foundation mission is changing this situation in order to help people to escape from poverty. The staff member of UWGLA strongly believes that a quality education can be all a young person needs to overcome poverty.

Regarding the second area, financial stability, the foundation works to provide jobs opportunities for people with financial problems. In this way, the organization tries to improve their quality of life. And respecting housing and healthcare, The United Way Greater Los Angeles works side-by-side with all kinds of institutions -public, private and non-profit organizations- to support different programs and strategies to put an end to homelessness.

The foundation programs have had a positive impact in the community. In accordance with numbers given by the organization, in the education area they have managed to engaged more than 10,000 parents, teachers and students to support students’ learning process and they have also secured 1,240 work-based learning opportunities.

In relation to the foundation impact of ending homelessness, UWGLA has achieved to help more than 6,000 people to find a place to live, and in the case of financial stability area, the organization has helped more than 2,000 post-9/11 veterans to obtain permanent jobs.

As any non-profit organization, the United Way Greater Los Angeles accepts different types of donations to fund their programs. This foundation receives contributions like workplace giving, planned giving, and even vehicle donations. For making questions regarding donations, people can call (866) 366-7335, writing to this email or to this mailing address: 1150 S. Olive Street, Suite T500 LA, CA 90015. In case you want to make a vehicle donation, please call (877) 348-5608.

Discover more great charities to make a car donation to, in the State of California, by visiting the rest of our articles of cities such as San Francisco and Sacramento.

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